Tour Dates



JUNE 15, 2021     Glasgow, Scotland        TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 16, 2021   Leeds, England            TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 18, 2021     Manchester, England TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 19, 2021     Liverpool, England        TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 21, 2021     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 22, 2021     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 24, 2021     Birmingham, England  TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 29, 2021    Cornwall, England  TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JUNE 30, 2021    Lancashire, England  TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 15, 2021     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 14, 2021      Manchester, England TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

164 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. Would love to have Miss Ross come back to Midland Texas. Please consider, Midland needs a big star like Miss Ross to perform here. Hopefully she will.

  2. Ms. Diana Ross, PPPUUULLLLEEEEZZZZZ include Chicago IL or Indianapolis IN in your 2019 tour. You have fans that are anxiously waiting to see you!!!! ❤

  3. Hello Diana Ross fan club.
    It is my wife and I’s Ruby wedding anniversary on 28 July 2019. My wife is the biggest fan of Diana Ross. In fact she has been all her life. I want to surprise her with a trip to see Diana on or around 29 July. The tour dates only go up to 22 July. When will the next one’s be released please. I want to get the best seats I can so need to get in early.

  4. I think Diana should do a 1 hour TV special on one of the major networks. ” An Evening with
    Diana Ross” she wouldn’t have to travel all around the country and all her fans that may not live near a major concert hall would get the chance to see Diana in concert.

  5. Do you plan an European tour please? Czech Republic? 🙂 Or somewhere close? It would be just great see/hear you, super Diva, Legend, amazing Singer…. Thank you!!!!

  6. I am a life time fan.growing up in New York I was able to meet the original supremes( florence Ballard) take picture and get their autograph which I still have after all these years
    I also kept a kept me out of alot of trouble growing up in harlem .I am now a retired teacher senior like ms ross enjoying my life
    She is classic may God continue to bless her and her family😇😇

  7. Enjoyed Diana Ross concert in Connecticut on June 21, but was disappointed that I couldn’t see her from our seats. I was informed by the Foxwoods Grand Theater that she didn’t want the huge screen that’s posted on the side of the stage. Why? All I could see was a “stick figure” because our seats were too far in the back. Most concert artists use the large screen for audiences to see their favorite star. Won’t be going to another of her concerts if she doesn’t want to use the screen for her fans to see her.

    1. According to the notice below the Glastonbury date announcement it has now been altered to say “UK and US Tour dates will be announced soon”. So the answer to your question appears to be “Yes”.

  8. Disappointed not to have got Glastonbury tickets ☹ story of my life. I have everything crossed that Diana will tour in the UK soon after. Please come to my home town Birmingham. Waiting in anticipation. 🙏

  9. Good Morning all
    Is it best to get tickets through Ticketmaster or an we book through the fan club please?
    My Closest friends are 60, 60 and 50 next year and i am desperate to get the tickets for them especailly as one of them has her 60th on 8th July.

    Best wishes

  10. Will we be able to buy tickets on the Presale through this site please? We’re really excited about the tour and can’t wait for July 2020

  11. Hello dear Diana Ross Fanclub, is there any chance that Diana will be visiting The Netherlands after her UK tour in July? Especially because she will be doing her “Top of the World Tour”. It would be really awesome to see Diana again after her Symphonica in Rosso concerts in 2009!!

  12. Miss Ross do you have plans to play in Honolulu for 2019 or 2020? I missed you two times due to working out to sea. If you came back I would buy 4 tickets front row for me and the family. The last time I saw you was in Toledo, Ohio, 9 years old and I was able to come up on the stage with the other kids. We held hands in a circle, you kissed everyone on the cheek except me mine was on the lips and you said I was the cutest. That memory is forever etched in my brain, talk of the family and I’ve loved you ever since. So seeing you again is like seeing family. Give us opportunity to show you love and sing all my jams!!!!

  13. Woooo child…the dates aren’t up yet but I am happy that Miss Ross is coming to Hawaii!!! Super excited!!

  14. Hi Diana, what about coming to Australia , I saw you in the UK on many occasions prior to moving to Australia who seem to loose out on seeing so many international stars.

  15. My family attended the AWESOME show in Huntsville, Alabama last night. Our tickets (which we selected) were directly behind the sound booth and wonderful. The man running the sound board talked with us for just a bit before the show and had great things to say about about Ms. Ross treats everyone. She truly is not only the Boss but a great boss as attributed by her employees. Her guitar player, Michael talked to and played with our 4 year old Finleigh until just before Rhonda began singing. Rhonda is also awesome! A great addition to an already great show. Just before going to play, Michael told Finleigh that he would wave to her from the stage, so she watched for him and he did which thrilled her. But the most awesome thing ever was that after the show Michael was waiting on Finleigh outside the door with a hug, a guitar pick and a comment “You can be whatever you want to be!” We really got more than we paid for. Ms. Ross, I have always been a fan but we really are blessed to have someone of your character (who does not have to work, especially so hard) to encourage the world to enjoy what they have and live in peace. God Bless you and all of yours.

  16. Dear Miss Ross, Happy belated birthday. I hope this message finds you well and safely at home. I am the gentleman that has been giving you a bouquet of hydrangeas at your concerts when you have performed at the Niagara Falls Casino, Canandaigua Performance Ctr, Casinorama in Ontario, and most recently at the Chautauqua Center July 2019. I have been a fan since 1963 when you performed at the Columbus Ohio State Fair. I wish you all the best for continued good health and success. Your strength and charisma has given me great joy for over 50 years. All my love and respect, Joseph Mancuso

  17. Ain’t no mountain high enough, to reach you Diana, your simply the best
    Love David in England.
    Kisses 💋💋❤️❤️

  18. Hi Ms Ross, I’ve seen you in Fantastic concerts in Houston and Dallas. Please come to Spokane WA in 2020 or 2021. You’ll love the Northwest and we ❤️ you!

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