Tour Dates








JUNE 28, 2020   Glastonbury Festival   TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION 

JUNE 30, 2020   Leeds, England            TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 1, 2020      Liverpool, England        TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 3, 2020      Manchester, England TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 4, 2020      Glasgow, England        TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 6, 2020      Birmingham, England  TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 8, 2020     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 9, 2020     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

More UK and US tour dates will be announced soon!

118 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. Same question here – Has Diana Ross got any plans to your over here in the uk?

    If so please let me know ASAP.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Diana Ross, I wrote last month or 2 months ago I”m a winner. I live in Minnesota my name is Gloria Nihart address is 420 4th Ave. Stewartville Mn 55976 phone is 507533-4131. I was the first price winner . I thank you very much. Merry Christmas and many many more Gloria Nihart.Thanks .

  3. Unfortunately I cannot attend the Hollywood Bowl concert and I have 3 tickets $120 each I will eat the extra fees and sell them at face value . Just sick about this ! I’m having hip replacement surgery .
    Any adoring fan contact me

  4. Ms. Ross…I live in NYC and see that you will only be in town one evening in Sept. when I will be out of town. Any plans on returning to the Tri-State any time soon? We would love to see you!!!!

  5. Hi, like many of the previous messages, I would like to know if Miss Ross is planning on coming to the UK in 2018/19. She has such a huge fanbase over here, I know she’d receive the warmest of receptions. Please let me know.

  6. Dear Miss Ross
    Please could you consider coming to the UK soon in 2019. Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire would be a fantastic location or the cricket pitch at Alfrick village a small and very intimate venue but exclusive and very personal. Love you lots and would love to hear you singing live soon. Nick xx

  7. Hello from Germany,
    my name is Carsten Frank and a great fan of Miss Diana Ross.
    Is there any little chance that Diana Ross will visit Europe in 2019 for concerts?
    Thanks for any information i can get.
    Nice greetings from Cologne

  8. Saw u 2 weeks ago at the Wynn theatre in Las Vegas. U we’re just awesome!! We actually spoke . I have so many great memories of your concerts. Probably 20 at least. Your still the box!! Till we meet again.🎼😘

  9. Saw u 2 weeks ago at the Wynn theatre in Las Vegas. U we’re just awesome!! We actually spoke . I have so many great memories of your concerts. Probably 20 at least. Your still the boss!! Till we meet again.🎼😘

  10. I saw Diana Ross last night in concert at Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers, Florida and it was over the top. The best part was her fabulous, beautiful over the top gowns. The Lady ROCKS!!!

  11. Happie New Year
    Wondering if our beloved Diana Ross will find any room to visit San Diego CA during her upcoming tour.

    Robert Caradonna

  12. Just my observations but I think between the 2-3 times a year Diana does her 12 night limited residency in Vegas and the short hop tour dates in USA like Northeast area,and Fla stops or the Northwest and Canada ,I don’t think Diana is planning the long haul European tours anymore.Too much traveling,too costly and let’s face it guys,she may not look it,but our gal is almost 75.She wants to spend more time with the grand babies.She certainly has paid her dues. I am grateful for the 40 plus times I’ve seen her since 1964

    1. Youre right. She has worked do hard. In fact Martha Reeves said she was the hardest working woman, in show Business.

  13. Would love to have Miss Ross come back to Midland Texas. Please consider, Midland needs a big star like Miss Ross to perform here. Hopefully she will.

  14. Ms. Diana Ross, PPPUUULLLLEEEEZZZZZ include Chicago IL or Indianapolis IN in your 2019 tour. You have fans that are anxiously waiting to see you!!!! ❤

  15. Hello Diana Ross fan club.
    It is my wife and I’s Ruby wedding anniversary on 28 July 2019. My wife is the biggest fan of Diana Ross. In fact she has been all her life. I want to surprise her with a trip to see Diana on or around 29 July. The tour dates only go up to 22 July. When will the next one’s be released please. I want to get the best seats I can so need to get in early.

  16. I think Diana should do a 1 hour TV special on one of the major networks. ” An Evening with
    Diana Ross” she wouldn’t have to travel all around the country and all her fans that may not live near a major concert hall would get the chance to see Diana in concert.

  17. Do you plan an European tour please? Czech Republic? 🙂 Or somewhere close? It would be just great see/hear you, super Diva, Legend, amazing Singer…. Thank you!!!!

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