Tour Dates








JUNE 28, 2020   Glastonbury Festival   TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION 

JUNE 30, 2020   Leeds, England            TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 1, 2020      Liverpool, England        TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 3, 2020      Manchester, England TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 4, 2020      Glasgow, England        TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 6, 2020      Birmingham, England  TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 8, 2020     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

JULY 9, 2020     London, England          TICKETS/VENUE INFORMATION

More UK and US tour dates will be announced soon!

118 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. Hello Diva,
    Are you planning to come to Montréal (Canada) again? We already miss you!
    Hope that you will come back very soon!

    Toufic Quebec City

  2. Hi,
    please can you keep me updated with tour dates, particularly in Vegas, for 2018 ( I know it’s a long way off, but I am planning for a special occasion in 2018)
    Many thanks

  3. You are my favorite and always will be. As a little girlI use to sing all your songs and use my hair brush as my microphone. I have seen you three times in Austin Texas and have always wished to get front row seats. That hasn’t happened yet but someday I hope to com eon stage with you and sing with you for this is my dream! I have diabetes and most days are not good for me, but when I listen to your music I feel like a super star! If you come back to Austin , Ill be there in the crowd, waiting for you to call my name!
    Your biggest fan! Toni’e Moya

  4. Diana Ross will be participating in the Orlando Universal Mardi Gras Parade on the 13th. I would like to know if Ms. Ross will be performing at the Hard Rock Live Orlando February 11, 2016. If so, when will tickets be available? I am hoping for front row tickets (fingers crossed).

  5. I am waiting for a long time to get the news that Diana is releasing a new album ! Is there something to expect ? It is now about a year that I was ordering the motown box Diana with all her Motown cd’s . But they not releasing it yet !

  6. Diana,
    My brother has followed you for all these years! He would love for you to come to Cleveland Ohio! We are Bessemer. It would mean the world to be your guest at a concert and take a picture. He is 71. Huge fan!!

  7. Dear Ms. Ross,

    I thank you for keeping those memorable songs, like “My World Is Empty Without You”, etc., etc. .

    When are you coming to Broward county, Fl.

    Keep singing, you are a beautiful soul, put the past away. You have 5 wonderful kids that love you.

    I was in your concert at the Universal Studio, on Feb. 2016. Your sons are full of memories, an inspiration to all of us.

    The world loves you, you are our Diva!!

    Keep your good spirit and your beautiful smile.

    God Bless You and your family.

    Dr. Eva Veliz

  8. Diana Ross has big funs all over the world, at my 30 years birthday I have been at Her concert in Goetenburg, Sweden … 30 years ago … now Im passing 60 very soon and my highest dream is to see my Diva at the concert again , but unfortunetly she dont come to Europe this year and I cant go to usa or canada … Stan from Poland

  9. I have followed Diana Ross since 1966 when the Supremes came to Boston and played at Blinstrubs nite club. I was only 15 and was not driving yet so my parents took me.
    Well fast forward to 2016 and the love affair continues. I have seen Diana 57 times and she continues to amaze me,I don’t understand how she does what she does and keeps up the schedule that she does year after year…I know sooner than later one day we will be reading that Diana Ross has decided to slow down and cut back on her performing, which is ok, she deserves to enjoy life and spend time with her kids and grandchildren, But I wish she and Mary would put together a real reunion tour. I know all her fans around the world are hoping and praying that one day this happens before it’s too late. Diana and Mary and Cindy have loyal fans like myself that grew up listening to their music and before we go to that big arena in the sky—PLEASE PLEASE make it happen….

  10. The concert in Detroit was absolutely amazing. Diana was beautiful, her voice strong and powerful. I had a wonderful time and count it a privilege to have seen this queen. Diana you are getting better like a fine wine. Thank you for an incredible experience.

  11. I have seen Diana in concert over 50 times starting in 1967 when the Supremes first came to Boston.
    Once I remember when the Supremes played a summer theatre in Boston I got tickets for all 7 shows.
    I think Diana recognized me because at the 3rd or 4th show she had me brought up on stage and I danced with her,,,OMG talk about being STAR STRUCK..
    I know I speak for all the devoted fans around the world that grew up with Diana Ross,. Is there any
    possibility that Diana and Mary could get together for that one final REAL Reunion. It is our Dream that it becomes a reality……

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