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11 thoughts on “Join the Fan Club

  1. I just found out she played in Vegas. I would have flown there if I had know. Why and I just signing up here now! Kicking myself. The only cd that’s constantly been in my car since I was 16. Well a cassette in the beginning. But my parents had the 8 tracks in their car my whole life. Someday I pray

  2. I Flew over from London to see her, yes she still has it,but it’s the same old show she has been doing these past 10 years.

  3. How may I request time to assist a few songs written for the purpose of praise and worship and dance. The two components of myself had not always been singular. I am happy to marry the songs with Superstar Mrs. Diana Ross.

    The song are registered and share two genres. Please CONSIDER composing these works of art to be shared and not sold. One is scripturally based and the others are signs of the time. Let’s share talent with this magnificent gift of song also uniquely given.

    Finally, about myself, a former homecoming queen who was crowned to “Endless Love”, and later an student and cast member to Howard University’s Evening Exchange, 20 plus years to a parcel company where retirement at 55 is to occur as a Corporate Account Executive. Realizing the dramatic change in career paths, the thirst for entertainment did not end.

    An empty nester, while the joy of my life took flight an Airborne Airman at 20 years old, I look for ways to recreate myself. Hopefully, our joint venture is the beginning of a new chapter in this book called life.

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