Ian Scarlato: Who Am I?

Do You Know Who I Am?: I´m a collector, writer, actor and singer, I´m simply a fan of Diana Ross. Since 2013 I love Diana, I love her voice and her personality, I´m from Argentina and I love the artist of the 60s, 70s and 80s, like Cindy Lauper, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, The Temptations, Elvis Presley and many others, but Diana Ross is the only one that I really love!!! I wish will meet Diana someday, but I think that It´s impossible. If you have question please contact me: dianarossofficialfanclub@hotmail.com

Remeber One: “I love you Diana, You are coming out and your heart is upside down, i like all of you and I´m a foll that fell in love with you”

-Ian Scarlet

One thought on “Ian Scarlato: Who Am I?

  1. Hey Ian, I love this site and am looking forward to exploring every part. I, too, love all kinds of singers and bands from all eras, but especially Motown and especially Diana Ross. I have every album on vinyl and CD that I could find and love all the songs. I got my first Diana Ross album in 1983 when I was 13, at Sears Department Store. It was “Great Songs and Performances That Inspired the Motown 25th Anniversary: Diana Ross and the Supremes”. From then on I was hooked and went yard sale hunting and old Record Shows until I owned all that was available. Anyway no one moves me like Diana Ross and I hope she will continue to release new albums. Thanks again! cmp

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