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“It Took Me A Lifetime To Get Here,
And I´m Not Going Anywhere!”

                                                              -Diana Ross

Lifeline: Music, Music And More Music


*Mar. 26: Diana Ross born

Little Diana Ross



*Mar.: “Tears of Sorrow” – first Primettes single.

The Primettes in 1969


*Jan. 15: The Supremes sign with Motown.

The Supremes in 1961

*Mar. 9: “I Want a Guy” – first Supremes single.

*Jul. 21: “Buttered Popcorn” (single).


*Jan.: Diana Ross graduates Cass Technical High School.

*May. 8: “Your Heart Belongs To Me” – first Supremes single released under Motown label

*Nov. 5: “Let Me Go The Right Way” (single).


*Feb. 2: “My Heaer Can´t Take It No More” (single) released.

*Mar. 26: Diana Ross celebrates her 19th birthday.

*June 12: “A Breathtaking”, “First Sight Soul Shaking”, “One Night Love Making”, “Next Day Heartbreaking Guy” (later shortened  to “A Breathtaking Guy”) (single).

First Supremes´album

*Oct. 31: “When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes” (single) – the first Supremes record to hit the charts.

*Dec. 9: “Meet the Supremes”, the group´s first album, released.


*Feb. 7: “Run, Run, Run” (single).

*June 17: “Where Did Our Love Go” (single) becomes the Supremes´ first #1 record.

*Aug.31: “Where Did Our Love Go” (album).

*Sept.17: “Baby Love” (single; became #1).

*Oct. 16: “A Bit A Liverpool” (album).

*Oct. 27: “Come See About Me” (single; became #1).

*Dec. 27: The Supremes make their first TV appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show”

Third Supremes´album

The Supremes in the first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

Second Supremes´album


*Jan. 26: Hullabaloo (TV)

*Feb. 8: “Stop! In The Name Of Love” (single; became #1).

*Feb. 27: The Hollywood Palace (TV)

*Mar. 22: “Funny How Time Slips Away” (single) from “The Supremes Sing Country, Western & Pop” (album).

*Apr. 12: “You Send Me” (single) from “We Remember Sam Cooke” (album).

*Apr.15: “Back In My Arms Again” (single; became #1)

*June: “Things Are Chanching” (single) released by the U.S. Congress for an Equal Employment Opportunity Campaign.

*Jul. 26: “Nothing but Heartaches” (single).

*Jul. 23: “More Hits By The Supremes” (album)

The Supremes Live in The Hollywood Palace

More Hits By The Supremes (album)

We Remember Sam Cooke (album)

*Jul.28: The Tonight Show – first Appearance (TV)

*Aug. 26: The Hollywood Palace.

*Sept. 13: Hullabaloo.

*Oct. 6: “I Hear A Symphony” (single; became #1)

*Oct. 10: “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

*Oct. 18: Hullabaloo.

*Nov.1: “The Supremes at the Copa” (album)

*Nov.18: Motown releases “Children´s Christmas Song” (single) from “Merry Christmas” (album).

*Dec. 13: Hullabaloo.

*Dec. 29: “My World Is Empty Without You” (single).

*Dec. 31: Orange Bowl Parade.

The Supremes at the Copa

I Hear A Symphony (album)

The Supremes performance “Children´s Christmas Song”


*Feb. 18: “I Hear Symphony” (album).

*Feb.20: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Mar. 4: The Sammy Davis Jr. Show (TV).

*Mar. 24: The Dean Martin Show (TV).

*Apr. 8: “Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart” (single).

*May 1: The Ed Sullivan Shiw (TV).

*June 30: The Today Show (TV)

*July 24: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*July 25: “You Can´t Hurry Love” (single; became #1).

*Aug. 18: The Tonight Show.

*Aug. 25: “Supremes A Go-Go” (album).

*Sept. 25: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Oct. 12: “You Keep Me Hagin´ On” (single; became #1).

*Oct. 29: The Hollywood Palace.

*Dec. 4: The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Supremes and Sammy Davis Jr. on his own show

Supremes A´ Go-Go (album)

The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show


*Jan. 11: “Love Is Here and Now You´re Gone” (single;became #1).

*Jan. 22: The Andy Williams Show (TV).

*Jan. 23: “Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland” (album).

*Feb. 13: Highlights of Ice Capades ´67 (TV Special).

*Mar. 20: “The Happening” (single; became #1), from the motion picture of the same name.

*May 7: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*May 22: “Falling Iin Love with Love” (single) from “The Supremes Sing Rodgers & Hart” (album) is released to disc jockeys only. Also, the May 22 Tonight Show telecast is Florence Ballard´s last as a Supreme.

*Jul. 24: “Reflections”, the first single released under the new name: Diana Ross & The Supremes.

*Aug. 29: “Diana Ross & The Supremes Greatest Hits Volumes I and II” (album).

*Sept. 25: The Hollywood Palace.

*Oct. 25: “In And Out Of Love” (single).

*Nov. 19: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Dec. 3: The Tennessee Ernie Ford Special (TV).

Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland (album)

The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show

The Supremes Sing Rodgers & Hart (album)


*Jan. 12: The Supremes guest-star on Tarzan, “The Concent” episode (TV).

*Jan. 14: The Supremes in Berlin (TV).

*Feb. 29: “Forever Came Today” (single).

*Mar. 24: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Mar. 25: “Reflections” (album).

*Apr. 5: During this period, American mourns the loss of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The day following his assassination the Supremes perform a beautiful rendition of the song “Somewhere” on The Tonight Show that includes a memorable soliloquy that reads, in part: “Let our efforts be as determined as that of Dr. Martin Luther King, who had a dream…”.

*May 4: The Hollywood Palace.

*May 5: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*May 21: “Some Things You Never Get Used To” (single). This song marks the beginning of Diana Ross´ collaborative efforts with writers-producers Ashford and Simpson.

*June 19: Diana Ross and The Supremes, at the request of Coretta Scott King, headline a benefit concert at the Atlanta Civic Center for the Poor People´s Campaign.

*June 30: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Jul. 23: Diana Ross and the Supremes endorse Vice President Hubert Humphrey´s Presidential bid in New York City.

*Aug. 18: “Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing and Perform `Funny Girl´” (album).

Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing and Performance `Funny Girl´

Diana Ross join the Vice President Hubert Humphrey

Reflections (album)

*Aug. 26: “Diana Ross & The Supremes Live at London´s  Talk of the Town” (album).

*Sept. 26: Dick Clark and a Cast of Thousands (TV special).

*Sept. 30: “Love Child” (single; became #1). Diana Ross & The Supremes debut this song on The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Oct. 23: The Bing Crosby Show (TV).

*Nov. 8: “Love Child” (album).

Diana Ross & The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show

Live at London´s Talk of the Town (album)

Love Child (album)

*Nov. 21: Diana Ross & The Supremes appear in the Royal Variety Show before Queen Mother and members of the royal family, the first Motown act given this honor. They sing their rendition of “Somewhere” with the Martin Luther King monologue and receive a resounding ovation.

*Nov. 8: “Diana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations” (album).

*Nov. 21: “I´m Gonna Make You Love Me” (single), with The Temptations.

*Dec. 2: “T.C.B. – Takin´ Care of Business” (album).

*Dec. 9: T.C.B. TV special broadcast bt NBC.

*Dec. 28: Diana Ross & The Supremes host The Hollywood Palace.

T.C.B. (album)

Diana Ross & The Supremes join the Queen Elizabeth II

Diana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations (album)


*Jan. 6: “I´m Livin´ In Shame” (single).

*Feb.17: The Bob Hope Special (TV).

*Feb. 20: “I´ll Try Something New” (single), with The Temptations.

*Mar. 8: The Hollywood Palace.

*Mar. 18: The Tonight Show.

*Mar. 25: “The Composer” (single).

*Apr. 4: Like Help, Diana Ross´s first solo TV appearance, with Lucille Ball and Dinah Shore.

*May 9: “No Matter What Sign You Are” (single).

*May 11: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*May 26: “Let The Sunshine In” (album).

*May 31: Diana Ross & The Supremes host The Hollywood Palace.

*Aug. 3: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Aug. 21: “The Weight” (single) with The Temptations.

*Sept. 7: The Ed Sullivan Show.

*Sept. 22: Diana Ross guest-stars on Laugh-In (TV).

*Sept. 23: “Together” (album), with The Temptations.

*Oct. 14: “Someday We´ll Be Together” (single; became #1).

*Oct. 18: Diana Ross & The Supremes host The Hollywood Palace.

*Nov. 3: “Cream Of The Crop” (album).

Let The Sunshine In (album)

Together (album)

Cream Of The Crop (Album)

*Nov. 11: The Tonight Show.

*Nov. 12: Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations star in their second special together, G.I.T. on Broadway, for NBC; soundtrack album released same month as “Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations On Broadway”.

*Dec. 18: Diana Ross makes her final appearance with The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show. During this period, Motown releases “Diana Ross & The Supremes, Greatest Hits, Volume 3” (album)

On Broadway (album)

Diana Ross & The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show on “The Farewell Tour”


*Jan. 14: Supremes´ last appearance together, at the Frontier Hotel.

*Feb. 14: Dick Clark broadcasts video footage of the Farewell show on American Bandstand (TV).

*Apr. 6: “Reach Out And Touch (Somebody´s Hand)”, Diana Ross´ first solo single. During this month, Motown releases the album “Farewell”, the final performance of Diana Ross & The Supremes, captures live January 14.

*June 19: “Diana Ross” (album).

*Jul. 16: “Ain´t No Mountain High Enough” (single; became #1, last nominated for a Grammy Award).

*Oct. 1: The Mev Griffin Show (TV).

*Nov.3: “Everything Is Everything” (single and album).

*Dec. 8: “Remember Me” (single).


*Jan. 20: Marries Robert Ellis Silberstein.

*Feb. 4: Guest-stars on Make Room For Granddaddy with Danny Thomas (TV).

*Mar. 29: “Diana!” (original TV special soundtrack).

*Apr. 2: Rona Barrett Report (TV).

*Apr. 18: Diana, first solo TV special, premieres on ABC. In April, Motown releases two Diana Ross singles. The first, “Feelin´ Alright”, culled from her first TV special, features Diana Ross and The Jackson 5. The second, “Reach Out, I´ll Be There”, is later included on “Surrender”.

*July 6: “Surrender” (single and album).

*Aug. 14: Rhonda Suzanne is born.

*Oct. 13: “I´m Still Waiting” (single).

*Dec. 6: Principal photography for “Lady Sins The Blues” begins.

*Dec.: Diana Ross is voted Number One Female Vocalist bt Billboard, Entertainer of the Year by the NAACP, and Honorary Chairman of the Image Awards Presentation, and Best TV Special of the Year is awarded for “Diana!”.

By the end of 1971 and the start of 1972, Diana Ross has recorded the unreleased album “Blue”.


*Oct. 29: Tracee Joy is born.

*Oct.: The film, “Lady Sings The Blues”, was released on this month.

*Nov. 9: “Lady Sings The Blues”, original motion picture soundtrack, #1. The album sold 300,000 copies during the first eight days of its release.

*Nov. 10: The Tonight Show.

*Dec. 8: The Today Show.

*Dec. 18: Motown releases a single from “Lady Sings The Blues”, “Good Morning Heartache”.


*Jan. 1: Provides the half-time entertainment at the Rose Bowl, where she sings “Our Love Is Here to Stay”.

*Jan. 11: The Mike Douglas Show (TV).

*Jan. 28: Attends the annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony, where she receives the Best Newcomer Award.

*Mar. 1: The Dick Cavett Show (TV).

*Mar. 1: The Tonight Show.

*Mar. 5: Jack Paar Tonite (TV).

*Mar. 18: Your Choice for the Oscars. This program is a public-opinion-poll TV show that asks the public whom it would select for the year´s Academy Awards. Diana Ross is chosen for Best Actress for her performance as Billie Holiday in “Lady Sings The Blues”.

*Mar. 27: Attends Academy Awards ceremony; has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for “Lady Sings The Blues”.

*May. 3: “Touch Me In The Morning” (single; became #1).

*June 22: “Touch Me In The Morning” (album).

*Sept. 13: “You´re Special Part of Me” (single), with Marvin Gaye.

*Oct. 26: “Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye” (album).

*Dec. 6: “Last Time I Saw Him” (single and album).

By the end of 1973, “Lady Sings The Blues” had received there NAACP Image Awards and Diana Ross had received, among other accolades and nominations, Cue magazine´s Entertainer of the Year Award. Also, on this year, Diana Ross has recorded the unreleased album “To The Baby”.


*Jan. 17: “My Mistake Was to Love You” (single), with Marvin Gaye, reaches Top 20 Pop/Top 10 R&B charts.

*Apr. 2: Cohosts the Academy Awards ceremony.

*Apr. 4: “Sleepin´” (single).

*Apr. 28: Yesterday – Good Ol´ Rock and Roll (TV special).

*Apr. 28: “Live! At Caesars Palace” (album).

*May  15: “Don´t Knock My Love” (single), with Marvin Gaye.

*Nov. Principa photography for “Mahogany” begins.


*Feb. 11: “Sorry Doesnt Always Make It Right” (single).

*Aug. 9: Cohosts Don Kirshner´s  Rock Music Awarrds Show (TV).

*Sept. 24: “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You´re Going To?)” (single; became #1)

*Oct.: “Mahogany” (original motion picture soundtrack).

*Oct. 3: Performs “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You´re Going To?)” on The Tonight Show.

*Oct. 24: Highlights of a Quarter Century of Broadcasting (TV special).

*Nov. 1: “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You´re Going To?)” #1 on Billboard´s Pop chart.

*Nov. 4: Chudney Lane is born.


*Feb. 10: “Diana Ross” released. This album goes on to become a Top 10 Pop and R&B smash hit.

*Feb. 20: “I Thought It Took a Little Time (But Today I Fell in Love)” (single).

*Feb. 22: Florence Ballard Passes away.

*Mar. 16: “Love Hangover” (single). By June 5 this single is #1 on the Pop, R&B, and Dance charts.

*Mar. 29: Performs the Academy Award-nominated song “Theme From Mahogany” live via satellite from Holland for the Oscar telecast. This stunning performanceis the first of its kind for the Academy Awards broadcast.

*Jul. 12: “Diana Ross, Greatest Hits” (album). “One Love in My Lifetime” from this album debuts on the charts.

*Sept. 18: Cohosts the Second Annual Rock Awards with Alice Cooper, where she is given Billboard´s Female Entertainer of the Century Award.

*Nov. 21: The First Fifty Years of NBC Broadcasting (TV special).

*Nov. 26: Hosts The Midnight Special (TV).


*Jan. 18: “An Evening with Diana Ross”. This live recording of Diana Ross´ one woman show was recorded at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles in Sept. 1976. This show ran on Broadway at the Palace Theatre in June 1976, breaking box-office records that had been standing for over 63 years. This same show was developed into a 90-minute television special for NB, wich premiered March 6 and went on to be nominated for numerous Emmy Awards.

*Mar. 3: Performs “The Lady Is A Tramp” on The Tonight Show.

*Sept.16: “Baby It´s Me” (album). In Oct. “Gettin´ Ready for Love” (single) from this album is released. Also during thid period, Diana Ross goes before the cameras at the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, New York, to begin filming “The Wiz”.

*Oct. 23: NBC – The First 50 Years: A Closer Look (TV special).


*Jan. 24: “Your Love Is So Good for Me” (single) from “Baby It´s Me”.

*Apr. 13: “You Got It” (single) from “Baby It´s Me”.

*Aug. 21: “Ease On Down The Road” (single), with Michael Jackson.

*Sept. 16: “Top of the World” (single).

*Sept. 18: “The Wiz” (original motion picture soundtrack).

*Sept. 19: Debuts a spectacular new show in Los Angeles at the Universal Amphitheatre.

*Sept. 20: Dick Clark introduces a live TV broadcast that Diana Ross helps him launch by opening the show with a stellar performance of her smash hit “Ain´t No Mountain High Enough”.

*Sept. 21: Motown releases “Ross” (album).

*Oct. 24: “The Wiz” is launched with a gala premiere in New York.

*Oct. 25: The Tonight Show.

*Oct. 26: America Alive! (TV).

*Nov. 29: Diana Ross is profiled on TV for a Barbara Walters special.

*Dec. 28: “What You Gave Me” (single) from “Ross” is released. Also, Motown releases “Pops We Love You” (single). Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson recorded this song in honor of Berry Gordy Sr.´s 90th birthday. The record went on to become the Father´s Day Song of the Year.

By the end of 1978, Diana Ross has recorded the unreleased album “Diana Ross Sing Songs From The Wiz”.


*Apr. 9: Presents the Best Actor Oscar to Jon Voight at the Academy Awards ceremony.

*May 22: “The Boss” (album).

*Jul. 16: Hosts The Tonight Show.

*Oct. 12: “It´s My House” (single) from “The Boss”.

*Nov. 15: Interviewed by Tom Brokaw on The Today Show.

*Nov. 22: Sings “The Boss” atop the Big Apple float in Macy´s 53rd annual Thanksgibing Day Parade. On the same day Bryant Gumbel presents Diana Ross with the New York Daily News Front Page Music Award.


*Jan. 4: Sensational Wacky Seventies (TV special).

*May 19: Appears on The Muppet Show with Kermit and Miss Piggy (TV).

*May 28: Bob Hope´s All-Star Comedy Birthday Party: A USO Salute (TV).

*May 22: “diana”. From this platinum album, Motown releases “Upsdide Down”, wich became #1, and “I´m Coming Out”.

*Aug. 22: “It´s My Turn”, the title song from the motion picture of the same name.

*Oct. 11: “The Wiz” – television premiere.


*Jan. 13: HBO broadcasts Diana Ross´ first made-for-cable special, “Standing Room Only: Diana Ross”. This telecast contains elements of Diana Ross´ spectacular show that debuted in Los Angeles in 1978.

*Feb. 17: “To Love Again”. This album is a compilation of Diana Ross´ work with writer/producer Michael Masser.

*Feb. 25: Good Morning America (TV).

*Feb. 27: Motown releases “One More Chance” from “To Love Again”.

*Feb. 25: Good Morning America (TV).

*Mar. 2: CBS broadcasts “diana”, a special that contains live concert footage that was taped Feb. 5at the Los Angeles Forum.

*Mar. 31: Attends the Academy Awards ceremony with Michael Jackson.

*May 8: “Cryin´ My Heat Out For You” (single).

*May 14: Signs with RCA Records.

*June 24: “Endless Love” (single; became #1), with Lionel Richie. This title song from the motion picture soundtrack goes on to top the charts for a record-breaking nine weeks. It is nominated for Grammys in several categories, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Duo. It is also nominated by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for Song of the Year.

*Sept. 25: “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” (single; became #1). Both the single and album are released the same month. This is Diana Ross´ first package for RCA. She has produced it herself, and the album goes platinum. Motown issues its own albums the same month, “All the Greatest Hits” and “Diana´s Duets”.

*Oct. 23: Good Morning America.

*Oct. 26: Good Morning America.

*Oct. 29: “It´s My Turn”, original motion pictures soundtrack.

*Oct. 29: 20/20 (TV).

*Dec. 4: Motown releases “My Old Piano” (single).

*Dec. 11: “Mirror, Mirror” (single).

*Dec. 11: The Tonight Show.


*Jan. 24: Sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl XVI.

*Jan. 30: Soul Train (TV).

*Mar. 19: “Work That Body” (single).

*Mar. 29: At the Academy Awards ceremony, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie perform “Endless Love”, wich has been nominated for Best Song.

*June 14: The Today Show.

*July 1: Good Morning America.

*July 4: Diana Ross performs at Meadowland Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The guests she selects to share the evening with her are jazz great Miles Davis and R&B froup Frankie Beverly and Maze.

*Aug. 31: Motown issues “We Can Never Light That Old Flame Again” (single).

*Sept. 10: “Silk Electric” (album).

*Sept. 17: “Muscles”, a tune penned by Michael Jackson, is the first single released from “Silk Electric”. It goes on to become a Top 10 Pop and R&B hit, and earns Diana Ross yet another Grammy nomination, for Best Female R&B Vocalist.


*Jan. 7: “So Close” (single)

*May 5: “Anthology” (album)

*May 16: Takes part in the Emmy Award-winning “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today & Forever” (TV special). In this special, Diana Ross has joined with Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong to do the historic “Supreme Reunion”. They´ve performed “Someday We´ll Be Together”.

*June 17: “Ross” (RCA Album).

*June 17: “Pieces of Ice”, the first single from “Ross”.

*Jul. Bill Harris in Hollywood, interview with Diana Ross, airs on Showtime (TV).

*Jul.20, 21: Bryant Gumbel interviews Diana Ross on the Today show.

*Jul. 21, 22: “For One and For All: Diana Ross Live! in Central Park”. Diana Ross performs before 800,000 people in a free concert in Central Park, New York City.

*Aug. 4: Performs “Let´s Go Up” on The Tonight Show.

*Aug. 5: Launches 45-city concert tour.

*Sept.: “Up Front” (single)

*Nov. 18: “Let´s Go Up” (single) from “Ross”.


*June 20: “All of You” (single), with Julio Iglesias.

*Aug. 2: “Swept Away” (single and album).

*Sept. 3: Performs “Forever Young” for Jerry Leweis´ muscular dystrophy telethon.

*Sept. 19: Diana Ross´ Radio City Music Hall show breaks box-office records.

*Oct. 9: Dian Ross´ mother, Ernestine Ross-Jordan, passes away.

*Nov. 16: “Missing You” (single); becomes a #1 R&B and #10 Pop record.


*Jan. 24: Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, New York, names a building after Diana Ross in recognition of her contributions to reviving the New York film industry.

*Jan. 28: In a special guest presenter at the American Music Awards. Following this presentation, Diana Ross goes to the A&M Studios in Hollywood to participate in the recording of a song that would become #1 record around the world. “We Are The World”.

*May 4: Performs at the Apollo Theatre for “Motown Returns To Apollo” (TV special).

*June 3: “Telephone” (single), from “Swept Away”.

*Aug. 23: “Eaten Alive” (album).

*Oct. 25: “Chain Reaction” (single), from “Eaten Alive”.


*Jan. 20: Performs at Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., for Martin Luther King Day celebration.

*Jan. 27: Hosts the 13th annual American Music Awards.

*Feb. 1: Marries Arne Naess in Switzerland.

*Sept. 11: Ground-breaking ceremony for the Diana Ross playground at 81st Street and Central Park West.


*Jan. 27: Hosts the 14th annual American Music Awards.

*Apr. 29: “Dirty Looks” (single)

*May 20: “Red Hot Rhythm and Blues” (TV special) airs on ABC.

*June 9: “Red Hot Rhythm and Blues” album released.

*July: “Tell Me Again” (single).

*Oct. 7: Ross Arne is born.


*Mar. 2: Attends Grammy Awards ceremony in New York and presents U2 with the Album of the Year Award.

*Aug. 26: Evan Olav born.

*Nov. 5: “If We Hold On Together” (single), from Steven Spielberg´s animated film “The Land Before Time”, is released on MCA Records.


*Feb. 1: Embarks on world tour.

*Feb. 10: Re-signs with Motown.

*Apr. 24: “Workin´ Overtime” (single).

*May 24: “Workin´ Overtime” (album).

*June 23: Participates in Our Common Future, an ecological awareness concert internationally simulcast from Wembley, England.

*July: “Greatest Hits Live” (album).


*Mar. 26: Attends the Academy Awards ceremony with her daughters and performs Harold Arlen´s “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

*June 13: Daughter Tracee Ross graduates from high school. Diana Ross gives commencement address.

*Oct. 6: “No Matter What You Do”, with Al B. Sure, is released on Sure´s Warner Bros.  album “Private Times and the Whole 9!”.

*Oct. 18: Diana Ross and daughter Tracee model thierry Mugler´s 1991 spring collection in Paris.


*Feb. 20: Presents Record of the Year Grammy to Phil Collins.

*Mar.: Performs at the Royal Variety Performance before Queen Elizabeth II.

*May 20: Debuts the Stevie Wonder song “The Force Behind The Power” on The Arsenio Hall Show (TV).

*May 31: Begins a 15-month world tour to promote her new album “The Force Behind The Power”. Singles released from this disc include “When You Tell Me That You Love Me”, wich Diana Rossperforms on The Tonight Show.


*Dec. 4: Diana Ross performs an entire evening of jazz and blues at the Ritz in New York City, live, for pay-per-view TV: “Diana Ross Live/The Lady Sings Jazz & Blues, Stolen Moments” (album and video-album).

*Dec. 23: On the Christmas in Vienna (TV special), Diana Ross, performs Christmas classics with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. On this month Sony Music releases “Christmas in Vienna” (album and video-album).

*Apr. 5: “Diana Ross Live in Tokyo ´92” (TV).


*Apr.: “When You Dream”, children´s book and CD, Japanese edition.

*May 31: Daughter Rhonda Ross graduates from college with honors.

*June 3: Receives Global Youth Forum Award at U.N.

*June 10: Daughter Chudney Ross graduates from high school. Diana Ross gives commencement address.

*June 15: Performs Billie Holiday classics on “Apollo Theatre Hall of Fame” (live TV).

*Sept.: “Secrets of a Sparrow”, Diana’s memoirs, is published in the USA.

*Oct. 4: “Forever Diana”, a for CD boxed set, is released worldwide.

*Oct. 7: Diana honoured by Guinness Book of Records as the most successful female singer of all time.

*Oct. 18: UK release date for Diana’s greatest hits collection entitled “One Woman – The Ultimate Collection”. This album is to become Diana’s best selling UK release ever. It’s number one (twice!) on the charts and earns Diana multi-platinum awards, selling (to date) more than 1.2 million in the UK alone.

*Oct. 20: Diana spends an hour with Oprah Winfrey.

*Aug. 3: Principal photography begins on “Out of Darkness”, ABC TV movie.


*Jan. 16: “Out of Darkness”, Diana’s first ever TV movie, premieres on ABC. She later received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her portrayal of the schizophrenic Paulie Cooper.

*Feb. 4: Diana Ross is honoured as “Woman of the Year” at the MIDEM festival in Cannes. She also receives three honours: the City of Cannes Gold Medal, a Lifetime Achievement Award from MIDEM, and the top distinction awarded by France’s Ministry of Culture Commander in the order of Arts & Letters.

*Feb. 6: The French music industry presents Diana with a Victoire award.

*June 17: Diana opens the 1994 Soccer WorldCup with a colorful performance, seen by millions and millions of TV viewers all around the world. The World Cup was held in Chicago, USA.

*Nov.: “A Very Special Season” (christmas album) is released. On this month, also release “Making Spirits Bright” (christmas album).


*Sept. 5: “Take Me Higher” (album) is released. The singles from this albums were “Take Me Higher”, “I Will Survive”, “If You´re Not Gonna Love Me Right”, “I´m Gone” and “Voice of the Heart”.

*Oct. 7: Performs on the opening ceremony of the Rugby League World Cup (London, England).

*Nov. 22: Diana is honored with the Heritage Award for Lifetime Achievement on the Soul Train Awards.


*Jan.: “Diana Ross Live in Japan ´96” (TV).

*Jan. 28: Diana performs the half-time show on Super Bowl.

*May.: Receives the Lifelong Contribution to the Music Industry award on the World Music Award gala.

*June 22: A tragedy is unveiled when the police finds Diana’s brother Arthur murdered.

*Nov. 29: EMI released the compilation album “Voice of Love”. The singles from this album are “In the Ones You Love”“You Are Not Alone” and “I Hear (The Voice of Love)”.


*Jan. 6: Diana Ross performs for the very first time in Pueto Rico.

*Feb. 8: EMI released the japan edition album, “A Gift of Love”. “Promise Me You´ll Try”, the single from this album was released on this month.

*Feb. 24: Diana Ross and Jamiroquai perform “Upside Down” at the Brit Awards.

*Feb. 26: Presents Album of the Year Grammy to Celine Dion.

*Mar.: On this month Diana Ross begins her first European trip.

*May: Diana Ross starts, with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, the Asian tour “Superconcert of the Century”.

*May 6: Diana Ross introduces The Jackson 5 in the Hall of Fame.


*Feb. 15: Diana Ross performs at “Motown 40: The Music is Forever”.

*Oct. 6: Attends the Song Writer´s Hall of Fame.

*Nov. 30: NJPAC was proud to host Motown legend and supreme diva Diana Ross at the 1998 Spotlight Gala.

*Dec.: Principal photography begins on “Double Platinum”, TV movie

By the end of 1998, Diana Ross performs in South Africa and meets Nelson Mandela.

Diana Ross and Nelson Mandela


*Apr.24: Arne Naess declares  in Norwegian TV that he is divorcing Diana Ross.

*May 4: Motown released “Every Day Is A New Day” (album). The singles from this album are “Until We Meet Again”, “Not Over You Yet” and “Sugarfree”.

*May 16: “Double Platinum” – Diana’s second TV movie – premieres on ABC. The film co-stars young pop singer Brandy.

*Sept.: Ross presented at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

*Oct. 23: Diana receives Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) Walk of Fame award.

*Nov. 1: Diana have her 65th hit as a solo star in the UK as “Not Over You Yet” hits the Top 10.

*Dec. 11: “An Audience With Diana Ross” (TV).

By the end of the 1999, Ross was named the most successful female singer in the history of the United Kingdom charts.


*Apr. 11: VH1 celebrates Diana Ross with the taping of Divas Live 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross. Diana performs alongside artists such as Donna Summer and Mariah Carey.

*June 14: The ill-fated Return To Love tour kicks off in Philadelphia. Diana performs classic Supremes songs together with Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne. Mary Wilson (who herself has toured with several ‘Supreme Ladies’ and performed Supremes songs she originally never sung lead on – and she still called that Supremes, until she lost the right to the name) calls it a fake, but several thousand fans shows up at several venues. Diana herself receives mainly good reviews, but the bad press (and the high admission prices) finally forces Diana to cancel the tour mid-through.

*Dec. 5: Diana Ross receives a 2000 Heroes Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). The Heroes Award is the highest distinction bestowed by the New York Chapter.


*Sept. 8: Diana Ross sings “God Bless America” before the women’s final between Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams to start at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship in New York.

*Sept. 21: Diana sings “God Bless America” at Shea Stadium in New York prior to the Mets’ game against the Atlanta Braves September 21, 2001. The game was the first baseball game to be held in New York since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon September 11. “Everybody who was standing watching was crying. It was unbelievable, “New York Mets general manager Steve Phillips said. “She was walking around, she had choirs out there, she was singing and touching the choirs’ faces — oh, unbelievable”.

God Bless America


*Apr. 24: Performs at “A Night At The Apollo”, a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at New York City’s landmark Apollo Theater.

*May: Diana Ross entered rehabilitation, aunched and cancelled a North America solo tour.

*June: Diana Ross cancelled the remaining dates of her summer concert tour of the United States and Canada

*Oct. 26: Diana Ross is Honorary Event Chair of the 9th annual Dream Halloween, benefiting the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (CAAF). She presented a one-of-a-kind doll created in her likeness by Mattel, Inc. The doll was auctioned off to raise money for the foundation.

*Dec.: Diana Ross was arrested for a DUI.

*Dec. 1: The Diana Ross photo book, Going Back, is published.


*Jan. 29: Diana Ross is honored with the Humanitarian Spirit Award from the We Are Family Foundation.

*Feb.: The Rhythm & Blues Foundation honors The Supremes with an award.

*Mar. 27: NABOB (National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters) honors Diana Ross with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Berry Gordy handed over the trophy, saying she was always destined to be a star. In her acceptance speech, Diana said, “I’ve had many blessings I am truly grateful. When I fell and lost my crown you still embraced me, and I’m here”.

*Apr. 18: Diana performs at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

*Sept. 26: Diana Ross receives the Legendary Female Award at the first ever Capital Gold Legends Award in London.

*Nov. 17: Diana Ross performs at the Jazz at Lincoln Center along with among others Roberta Flack and Dee Dee Bridgewater to celebrate legendary women of jazz.


*Jan. 13: Arne Naess, former husband of Diana Ross and father of Evan and Ross, dies in a climbing accident.

*Mar. 6: Diana kicks off her Live Love European tour in Rotterdam, Holland.

*May: Diana and daughter Tracee help Essence Magazine celebrate its anniversary by gracing the cover of the May 2004 issue.

*June 25: Diana Ross performs a free concert to help celebrate the Greenwich High School graduation and as a benefit for the Arch Street Teen Center.

*Nov. 5: The American tour kicks off in Atlantic City.

*Dec. 8: Diana performs at the Billboard Awards in honor of special Billboard Century Award recipient Stevie Wonder.

Diana Ross tribute to Stevie Wonder


*Jan.: Diana launches her own line of make up in association with MAC Cosmetics.

*Jan. 14: Diana performs at the “Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope” (TV) to help raise money for the tsunami victims.

*Feb. 12: performs at the Clive Davis’ 2005 Pre Grammy Awards Party.

*May 14: Oprah Winfrey honors Diana Ross and 80 other luminaries of the entertainment and political worlds at a special Legends Weekend in Santa Barbara.

*June 26: Diana starts her European tour in Cyprus.

*Oct. 18: Rod Stewart’s “Thanks for the Memory: The Great American Songbook, Vol. IV” is released, featuring a duet with Diana on the track I’ve Got A Crush On You”. The album debuts on the Billboard chart at no. 2. The song also enters the Adult Contemporary chart at no. 33.

*Nov. 8: “Lady Sings The Blues” is finally released on DVD, featuring a new (short) documentary, and commentary from Berry Gordy, Sidney Furie and Shelly Berger.

*Dec. 19: Diana enters the UK Single Charts at no. 2 with a newly recorded version of “When You Tell Me That You Love Me”, this time featuring Westlife. The song is also a no. 2 hit in Ireland.


*Mar. 22: Diana is named Viewer’s Choice for TV’s Greatest Music Moment for her Central Park Concert during the TV Land Awards.

*June 6: “Blue”, a previously unreleased album of standards, recorded 1971-1972, is released. It is greeted with great reviews from the music press. It peaks at number 2 on the Billboard Jazz Album Charts, where it spends a total of almost 30 weeks.

*Aug. 28: Diana Ross performs at the opening of the U.S. Open.

*Oct. 2: “I Love You” (album).



*Jan. 16: “I Love You” was released in U.S.

*Jan.: Diana makes several national TV appearances (including Good Morning America and The Late Show) to promote “I Love You”. The album enters Billboard’s Album chart at no. 32.

*Apr.: Diana Ross tours in the USA with her I Love You Tour.

*May 6: Performs at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, UK – the first in a series of concerts throughout Europe.

*June 26: Diana Ross honored at the BET Awards 2007.

*Nov.: Diana Ross continues her triumphant I Love You Tour in the U.S. She receives rave reviews from both fans and media.

*Nov. 27: Diana’s father, Fred Ross, passes away. He was 87 years old.

*Dec. 2: Diana Ross is honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts for “spreading romance and joy throughout the world”. The award ceremony includes a visit to the White House, and recognition by President Bush.


*Jan.: At Jamaica’s Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, Ross’s performance was booed by audience members-seated near the rear of the venue-who were annoyed by her decision to turn off the large video screens adjacent to the stage. Later, the entire audience booed the festival’s organizers, when Ross announced that the shortening of her set, in order to accommodate the schedule of R&B singer, Mary J. Blige, who arrived late and insisted upon being allowed to leave the festival earlier than previously planned.

*Dec. 11: Performs at the “Nobel Peace Prize Concert” (TV).

Diana Ross at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert


*Jan.: Diana Ross returns to the Jamaica’s Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, garnering positive reviews.

*Oct. 16, 17: Performs at the Symphonica in Rosso in Netherlands.

*June 25: Michael Jackson, a near Diana´s friend, passes away. On this week, A Diana Ross´ letter tribute to Michael has read by Smokey Robins on Jackson´s funeral.

Diana Ross at the Symphonica in Rosso


*May 15: Ross embarked on her first headlining tour in three years titled the “More Today Than Yesterday: The Greatest Hits Tour”. Dedicated to the memory of her late friend Michael Jackson, the concert tour received positive reviews, nationwide. On this month Diana Ross promotes her tour at the Entertainamen Tonight.

Tour Poster


*Feb. 25: Diana Ross was interview by Oprah Winfrey during the farewell season of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Diana Ross performs “I´m Coming Out”, “It´s Hard For Me To Say” and “Ain´t No Mountain High Enough”. Diana was suprised by Billie Dee Williams.

In this year Diana Ross continues on Tour.

Diana Ross and her family with Oprah Winfrey


*Feb.: Diana Ross received her first ever Grammy Award, for Lifetime Achievement.

*Feb. 12: Presents Album of the Year Grammy to Adele.

*Apr. 28: “More Today Than Yesterday: Greatest Hits Tour” has finished.

*May 15: for the 30th anniversary of the TV special “For One and For All”, Shout Factory releases “Diana Ross Live in Central Park” on DVD.

*Nov. 6: Ross performed for a crowd in India for Naomi Campbell’s then billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, at his 50th birthday.

*Dec. 21: “Christmas In Washington” (TV).


*Apr. 14: Attendsopening night of “Motown: The Musical”. She reunites with Mary Wilson and Berry Gordy.

*June 25,26, 29: the “South America Tour” begins, in Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba), for the very first time.

*June 6: Diana Ross performs in Argentina (Buenos Aires) for the very first time.

*June 7: Ross has scheduled a show in Uruguay, but finally it´s cancelled.

*June 8: Performs in Chile for the very first time.  The “South America Tour” ends.

*Aug. 2: the “In The Name Of Love Tour” begins.


*Feb. 5: Diana Ross attends amfAR Gala.

*Apr. 1: Diana Ross continues the “In The Name Of Love Tour”.

*July 3:  Ross was awarded the Ella Fitzgerald Award for “her extraordinary contribution to contemporary jazz vocals”, at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal.

*Nov. 17: Diana Ross, her son, Evan and his wife Ashlee Simpson attend “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” premiere.

*Nov. 20: Ross presented for the very first time the Dick Clark Award for Excellence to Taylor Swift at theAmerican Music Awards.

*Nov. 25: The Voice (TV).

*Dec. 31: Performs in Singapore for  New Year´ Eve Event.


*Jan. 2, 6, 7: Performs in Asia, first and Singapore and then in Japan. These were the first concerts of 2015 from “In The Name Of Love Tour”.

*Mar. 26: Declared “Diana Ross Day” in Las Vegas.

*Apr. 1: Diana Ross begins the first of nine performances as a part of her mini-residency, The Essential Diana Ross: Some Memories Never Fade” at The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

*June 12, 13, 14, 15: Diana Ross performs for the very first time in Hawaii. On 12nd June was declared “Diana Ross Day” in Hawaii.

*Nov. 21: Diana Ross begins again the first performances as a part of her mini-residency, The Essential Diana Ross: Some Memories Never Fade” at The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

*Nov. 27:  Motown Records releases the album “Diana Ross Sings Songs From The Wiz” recorded in 1978. The album features Ross’ versions of songs from the film version of the musical The Wiz, in which she starred along with Michael Jackson.


*Feb. 2: Diana Ross continues the “In The Name Of Love Tour”.

*May 16: Performs at “2016 Cannes Film Festival: Chopard Party”.

*July 15, 16: Diana Ross performs at the Hollywood Bowl.

*Nov. 22: Diana Ross was awared the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama.


*May 25: Diana Ross attends and performs at Cannes´ Annual amFAR Gala.

*June 30: Performs at the Essence Festival introducing Rhonda Ross.

*Oct.: “Endless Memories”, Wynn Las Vegas Residency.

*Nov. 17: “Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection” was released.

*Nov. 19: Diana Ross performs and receives the American Music Awards for Lifetime Achievement.

*Nov. 30: The View, appearance cancelled (TV).


*Jan. 20: Ain´t No Mountain High Enough (The ANMHE `Diamonf Diana´ Remix) peaked #1 position on the Billboard Dance Club Charts.

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®The information used in this CHRONOLOGY since 1944 to 1993 was taken from the 1993 Diana Ross´ autobiography, “Secrets of the Sparrow”. The information since the middle of 1993 is from my own investigation.