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Who Am I?

My name is Ian Scarlato. I’m a 18 year-old student, a music collector and a loyal fan of Ms.Diana Ross. This site was founded on 14th February, 2014 with the aim to pay tribute to this legendary lady.
Unfortunately, I have never seen Diana Ross live. She performed in my country, Argentina, for the very first time on 6th July, 2013, but I discovered her on 7th July, 2013. I hope I can meet her someday.
In December 2017, Diana received a message I sent her while she was launching her fragance, Diamond Diana on HSN.

This site was created to share my admiration for Ms.Ross and bring you as much content as possible. I called it the “official” fan club because this is the only website about her currently working. Here are some photograps of my personal collection:


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  1. Dear Miss Diana Ross
    We would love to see you in England very soon! An open air concert at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire England would be fantastic on a warm summers evening in 2018, hot barmey and brilliant!!

  2. I just want ro say to Ms. Diana Ross. I think you sing wonderful and I’ve never meet you but I wish I could. God Bless You. My favorite songs and movie is Double Platinum.

  3. I’ve been in love with Diana Ross since 1964 when I first heard her voice. I still get chills every time she goes “oooh..on so many of her old songs. Whether solo or with the Supremes, I’m still wild about all her songs.
    Love the girl!

  4. Hello, I’m seeking a presale code for the tilles center performance on October 6th 2018
    I have no idea why I didn’t receive one.
    Diana is one of my favorites in my Ticketmaster account.
    Thank you so much
    Please respond quickly, as they go on sale to public soon and I’ll ever get a ticket at that point

  5. I’ve been wanting Me. Ross to know she saved my life twice. I was younger and deeply depressed. I was wanting to end my life. I put on the song “Remember Me” and just played it over and over again. Till that feeling passed. Tears streaming down my face but I knew I’d be ok. Till this day anytime I’m feeling down. I put that song on till I’m crying but with a smile. Ms. Ross you’re my hero yesterday today and always. I have no family anymore however I’d like to think you’ll always be there for me. I love you. And thank you for being my strength when times get bad. I hope to see you one last time before you stop performing. And you shall always reign supreme to me💜

  6. Hi! I am a very big fan of Ms. Ross!
    I remember being her as a child and my sister and neighbor where the Supremes!!
    I am planning a trip to Las Vegas to attend the November 10 2018 show. It would be awesome if I could meet her.

  7. hi
    Do you think Diana will do any additional shows late Nov, Dec 2018, is it possible

    I am coming to the USA Dec 1st to watch boxing and would love to see Diana in concert

  8. One of the most beautiful people with a voice to match . My first album ever was Diana Ross and the Supremes . She has always been the only female vocalist that will remain “SUPREME “ in my music library as well my favorite of all singers in the world ! God Bless You Diana !!!

  9. I am a long time fan since the beginning. I have seen her probably 50 times. She is amazing! even to this day at 74. I want to thank you for all your hard work. Your videos are fantastic and always keep me up to date even if I don’t get to go to one of her latest shows.

  10. Diana Ross has always been my favorite singer since growing up I play her and also Supremes all the time especially when l am feeling down I follow anything that involves her and her family. I tried to see her perform several times but I could not afford to,maybe some day I will however I retired a little early and income is low but I am not giving up just yet!Please give my regards to her….Loved Motown!!

  11. Ms.Diana Ross I would like to say to you thank you for all the year you have warmed my heart. With Love,
    Tim Springs
    I hope one day to meet U.

  12. Hi to all Mrs. Diana Ross fans here from Carsten in Cologne in Germany. Is there any chance for us in Germany to see my icone Diana live on stage in Europe in 2019 or 2020? What a wonderful powerful and warm hearted nice lady she is. One time in my life i want to enjoy her incredible voice live in concert. Let’s share the music moments with Diana together. Lovely greetings from Germany to all here. Carsten

    1. I am hoping for the same. A concert the coming peroid somewhere in Europe. Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris or …..

  13. Ms Ross i first want to congratulate you with your birthday on the 26 of march. I am allready for more then 50 years a big fan of you. Several concerts of you in the past i have seen. But the last years you are only performing in the US. I hope that the coming period you will cross once again the ocean to do a few concerts in Europe. A big fan from Amsterdam / Holland

  14. I saw Ms.Ross last night, Diamond Diana, at the Wynn in Las Vegas, The show I saw in November was so much better. I felt like it was rushed. I came all the way back from New York, to ask her if she would Marry Me, and my fiancé. She said she would in November. My fiancé wasn’t with me. So I brought him last night, she didn’t acknowledge the sign I made. Had rings license, all we needed was her. I’m gonna try one more time. Hopefully she does it or at least bless our rings.

  15. Hi , I know Diana Ross is playing two dates in Ireland in 2020. Tickets go on sale Monday but when I search this website there’s no mention of the tour dates.
    Do fans get presale ticket option?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  16. u are the most best and greatest singer of all time and we love u for that one too. and your movie of the land before time was terrific and fun too. and your best voice is the greatest of all time.and your style is perfect and your looks is just as very precious and very attractive too. and i loved it all.

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