This is the only email to contact us: dianarossofficialfanclub@gmail.com

Who Am I?

My name is Ian Scarlato. I’m a 16 years old student, a music collector and a loyal fan of Ms.Diana Ross. This site was founded on 14th February, 2014 with the aim to pay tribute to this legendary lady.
I live in Argentina and here, there’s nothing about Diana and a few people know her, so I challenged myself to make the world know Diana and The Supremes and keep their legacy alive forever. Since then, I’ve been collecting CDs, LPs, DVDs, books and anything that has to do with Diana.
Unfortunately, I have never seen Diana Ross live. She performed in my country for the very first time on 6th July, 2013, but I discovered her on 7th July, 2013, so I didn’t know her back then what made impossible to know about the concert. I hope I can meet her someday.
On December 2017, Diana received a message I sent to her while she was launching her fragance, Diamond Diana on HSN.

This site was created to share our admiration for DR and give you as much information as we can. I called it the “official” fan club because at the moment is one of the few websites that dedicates its entire to her and keeps available. Here some pictures from my personal collection:


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