Join Us on Patreon To Get Access To Exclusive Content!

Hey guys!

I invite you all to join us on Patreon. I didn’t want to do this, but recently I’ve been planning some projects for the fan club and I do not have sufficient funds to carry them out. If you join, you will have benefits and access to exclusive material (videos, unreleased songs and more). So, if you can collaborate I’ll be very thankful. You can choose between three monthly memberships.

Thank yo for your time and support!


2 thoughts on “Join Us on Patreon To Get Access To Exclusive Content!

  1. Ireally would have if these were normal times. I lost my job and I don’t know when we will be able to work again. I cannot afford any extra. Hopefully in the future.

    Take care, thank you for the time and patience you put on this

    Stay safe

    Ettore from Italy

  2. Hi Ms Ross
    You are my favorite celebrity. You gave me Pride as a little girl. I was able to see a Beautiful Elegant Talented Lady , that looked like me. My girlfriend’s and I pretend to be the Supremes. And I was Diana. My cousin and I tried to go to all your shows and movies.
    My Daughter had the pleasure, last summer to stand on the stage with you , as a sign language interpreter in Virginia at the Wolf Trap venue . I couldn’t sit in my seat. I sang every song with you 🤩You are so Beauitful and classy .You were a Profound part of my
    childhood. I hope to be able to see you soon. Patricia Williams 💖

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