Diana Ross To Release New Remix Album,`Supertonic: Mixes´

The legendary Diana Ross celebrates her 76th birthday with a new remix album: `Supertonic: Mixes´. The album will be released on May 29, 2020.

This promised to be an exciting year for Ms.Ross. She had ahead a world tour and a new album with brand new material, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these projects are delayed. Vegas residency and concerts in Hawaii were cancelled as well as her performance at the 50th anniversary celebration of Glastonbury Festival. However, the rest of her tour dates in Europe remains so far.

In order to compensate for this situation, she is going to release a new remix album titled `Supertonic: Mixes´. All the songs in the album were remixed by Eric Kupper. The album is set to be available in the market on May 29, 2020.

Here´s the track listing:

1. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down (Eric Kupper Remix)
2. Love Hangover (Eric Kupper Remix)
3. The Boss (Eric Kupper Remix)
4. Surrender (Eric Kupper Remix)
5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Eric Kupper Remix)
6. No One Gets The Prize (Eric Kupper Remix)
7. It’s My House (Eric Kupper Remix)
8. Touch Me In The Morning (Eric Kupper Remix)
9. Remember Me (Eric Kupper Remix)

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