Is “All Is Well (It’s Alright)” Diana Ross’ Upcoming Single?

Diana Ross has shared on her social networks a snippet from a rare recording which sounds fresh and brand new. Although, the singer didn’t say where it was from, fans believe that the song can be a new single from the forthcoming album.

Yesterday evening, Ms.Ross shared on Facebook and Instagram a video with an unfamiliar sound that fans couldn’t recognize. It was acompannied by a very positive message from Ross: “Do your best to stay positive! Love as much as you can from where you are. I love you all!”

After listening to the song several times, fans started getting excited. They claimed the snippet is brand new and fresh and will be included on Ms.Ross upcoming untitled album. A fan said: “So no one here is smart enough to realize that this might very well be a new song by Ms.Ross?”

Is this never-heard-before recording from the forthcoming album or it is a demo or outtake from a previous musical work? Who knows? The truth is that the recording contains a very positive message and now, that the world is a ball of confusion, it will help.

Diana Ross has cancelled her shows in Florida last week and the Vegas residency she had scheduled for April  due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2 thoughts on “Is “All Is Well (It’s Alright)” Diana Ross’ Upcoming Single?

  1. Beautiful , I have heard it before. But very apt and comforting for this hard time the world is going through.
    Miss Ross has a Angel Soul and a presents that gives people hope. Xxx

  2. Such a lovely song with a beau-ti-ful melody. I am eager to hear the complete lyrics of this song. Ms. Ross is a magical artist that believe in love for all mankind, and what we all are experiencing at this unfortunate time….we need comforting words of healing whether it comes through communication of others or through the lyrics of a song.

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