Diana Ross´s International Comeback

Legend, icon, supreme. Ms. Diana Ross is making her international comeback with a series of concerts in Europe this year and, the release of her new album, which is expected to be out later this year.
Diana Ross in May 1982 (Source: LIFE)

The year 2019 was one of the most important years of the singer´s career since she celebrated her 75th birthday from January to December. Last february, she performed, at the Grammy Awards, two anthems from her repertory: ‘The Best Years Of My Life’ and ‘Reach Out And Touch (Somebody´s Hand)’. Later, in April, she appeared on, the tribute to Motown Records that celebrated its 60th anniversary, Motown 60: A Grammy Celebration. Previously, on March 26, she had performed at the Hollywood Palladium to celebrate her diamond jubilee with her loyal fans, friends and family. Ms. Ross had been performing in the US on her 2019 Brand New Day Tour until now when her international tour, Top Of The World, was announced.

After a long waiting, two big announcements were made by the end of 2019: Diana Ross said she was going to release a new album and a few weeks later, the uk dates were announced. She last performed there in 2008 during the I Love You Tour.

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In regards with the forthcoming album, we don´t have much more information. For the last few weeks it has been said that it might be delayed and it not be out until the end of this year.

Recently, what had seemed to be only a UK tour, turned to be an European tour. Two dates out of Great Britain were announced. Ross will be performing in Brussels, Belgium on July 13th and in Barcelona, Spain on July 15th. Tour dates in the Netherlands and other European countries are expected to be announced soon. The rumors say that she would perform in Rotterdam at 2020 NN North Sea Jazz Festival on July 11th, but the line-up has not been revealed yet.

In the last few days, fans have been worried since Ms.Ross is set to perform more than 30 times over the first semester. A fan claimed on social media: “I really hope Diana isn’t overextending herself.”

Die-hard fans are excited and anxious about upcoming announcements. Tour dates in South America, Canada, Australia and some other countries are unlikely to happen but, who knows? Everything is possible at this stage.

Click here to check out Ms.Ross´tour dates.

4 thoughts on “Diana Ross´s International Comeback

  1. I hope it isn’t too much as well, however, seeing her recently at the Kennedy Center, she looked fit and high energy. She looked stunningly, amazingly youthful, moved awesomely, and sang her heart out. This Lady puts a lots into performing for her fans. She appears so happy to be doing so. I hope they appreciate all her efforts.l, because it takes a lot of work. I know I do. I hope she can keep it up. Let’s pray that she does…

    1. Ms Ross (The Boss) continues to be “Awesome”. Just attended her concert in Jacksonville, FL.
      Rhonda Ross opened for her Mother. Lil Rhonda is also very talented, and glamorous, like her Mother. I am 70, and am looking forward to attending “Every” future concert “The Boss” may have in Jacksonville, FL

  2. Super miss Ross’ is releasing a brand new album in 2020!
    Can’t wait for the date of release of this new album . Also very curious of the title of this new album. Please inform me of the latest details? ❤️

  3. I have tickets for Diana’s concert in UK but have heard these are cancelled? However, Ticketmaster are not acknowledging this! Please can you advise so I can get a refund. Thank you

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