Diana Ross To Release New Album In 2020

The legendary Diana Ross announced, during a gig of her Vegas residency, that she is planning to release a new album being Mark Ronson one of the producers.

Diana Ross at Jazz Fest 2019. Photo by Charlie Steiner.

Ms.Ross, who turned 75 early this year, announced last night during one of her concerts in Las Vegas that she is going to release an all-new album when one of her fans asked her about it. She yell “Yes!” and told the audience that the recording sessions would begin late this year. Everyone was taken by aback. In addition, she said “I´ve been interviewing different writers and producers” and, according to Ms.Ross, Mark Ronson was among them. Let´s not forget that Ronson was involved in the writing of the oscar-winning song, Shallow. 

It was almost 14 years ago when Diana released her last studio album simply called I Love You. In 2015, an unrelased project, which had been storaged in the Motown vaults for years, saw the light of day, Diana Ross Sings Songs From The Wiz.

By the end of 2018, Evan Ross told the Diana Ross Fan Club during a Q&A Facebook live that Ms.Ross had written a song with him and Ashlee Simpson, called “A Whole Lot Of Lovin´” so, it is probable that we hear that song on singer´s new album, possibly being a duet with her son and daughter-in-law.

Fans have been waiting for this moment for more than a decade. There has been a lot rumors about forthcoming albums since 2007 but it wasn´t until now that we got the confirmation of Ms.Ross.

She told her fans at the Wynn, that the release date of this new album stills uncertain. Speculations indicate that we might hear it by the mid-part of next year opening a new decade and marking Ross´ 50th anniversary as a solo artist. So if all goes well, soon we´re going to have new music to enjoy  from this classy lady.

Not only for her incredible career, but also for her unique charisma, Diana Ross became one of the greatest singers of all time and fortunately she claimed many times that she will never retire and that she wants to be here at least until her 102 years.

Listen to her announcement here:

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