Diana Ross announces “2019 Brand New Day Tour”!

2019 Brand New Day Tour 2

Diana Ross sets to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade next November 22 on NBC. She will be performing a christmas song to promote the release of the new holidays compilation album.

Moreover, few days ago, Ross announced a bunch of concerts in Florida (including engagenments in Orlando, Hollywood, Clearwater, Fort Myers) and Georgia. In addition, she will be adding new songs to the setlist. More performances will be announced in the upcoming days.

According to fans, during her last concerts in Las Vegas, Diana talked about this new concerts serie called “2019 Brand New Day Tour” and she said that she might be touring around the world which would include shows in South America and Europe. The last time she performed in the UK and the rest of Europe was almost 10 years ago and her performances in Argentina, Chile and Brazil were in 2013.

The tour begins on January 6 in Hollywood, Florida.

So, fans all over the world, stay tuned!






6 thoughts on “Diana Ross announces “2019 Brand New Day Tour”!

  1. I hope one day Diana Ross gets a residence in Atlantic City I heard they might start doing that would be great!

  2. So excited you will be on the Hallmark float. Just saw you in Hershey and you put on a fantastic show as usual. Had the opportunity to tell you how much I respect what a great Mother you were and your family came first. My husband thought he was taping but nothing. LOL We are not technical but the honor of talking to you directly is itched in my mind and heart. For the first time in my life I will be at Macy’s Thanksgiving Dad Parade after watching with my Dad growing up and pasted the tradition on to my children. Never dreamed you would be in the parade and I am so excited. I will be at 71st and Central Park West waving to you. I can’t wait. Have a great Thanksgiving. Salle Carter

  3. See where Heaton casino, Rohnert park,ca. is sold out. Ouch want to take my wife for her 66th birthday near that date, (June 30) . Hoping your tour sets another date here in northern ca. We need to spread the love for Motown an set the theme for living life. Power of positive thinking comes through loud an clear in your songs. Bless you

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