Diana Ross Fan-Made Documentary To Be Released in 2019!

  SPARKLING DIANA: ROSS´LIFE THROUGH A FAN´S EYES is a fan-made documentary coming to the Diana Ross Fan Club channel on YouTube that charts the life of legendary singer Diana Ross. Here´s everything you need to know.

Poster movie 2

  When is Sparkling Diana released on YouTube?

   The documentary is dropping on YouTube on 26th March, 2019. It will be a available for free on the Diana Ross Fan Club channel.

 Sparkling Diana is a must-watch film for every Diana Ross fan.

 Sparkling Diana is a journey over the entire Diana Ross career through the eyes of a 16 year-old fan, Ian Scarlato.

    What is Sparkling Diana about?

   Diana Ross has became a legend and a model to follow to people from all over the world as well as an inspiration for most of young  artists of today.

 Ross´ career has expanded more than five decades and, as matter of fact, she is celebrating her 75th diamond jubilee next year. As a result, it will be a perfect ocassion to release this unique film.

   The documentary is directed by 16 year-old fan, Ian Scarlato.

The fan-made documentary promises to threads the most positive aspects of Diana´s life and career. At the same time, the movie features a lot of remastered material, unreleased recordings and never-seen-before photographs from the vaults. It won´t include new interviews or testimonies, you will just hear the narration by the director among archival footage and a bunch of classic hits.

   Is there a trailer for Sparkling Diana on YouTube?

Yes, there is. The Diana Ross fan club has released a short trailer to show a preview of the film.

Sparkling Diana is out on March 26, 2019


Diana Ross & The Supremes during a photo session in 1967

Sparkling Diana: Ross´Life Through A Fan´s Eyes is released on the Diana Ross Fan Club  YouTube channel on 26th March, 2019.








































One thought on “Diana Ross Fan-Made Documentary To Be Released in 2019!

  1. Hi I have been a fan of Diana since I left school 1964 I have almost every thing that she and the supremes have done seem Diana five time hoping she will come back to the UK can’t wait to go and see the film

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