2018/2019 Announcements

Hey y’all!

So far our team has working hard to bring you good material of Ms.Ross. We started in 2014, almost 5 years ago and what we have done since then is something we do not complain at all. There’s much more to come, so…stay tuned. In this post, we gonna talk about our projects scheduled for this year and the upcoming one.

Do you remember our main project? Sparkling Diana: Ross’ Life Through A Fan’s Eyes? The documentary. Unfortunately, we have posponed it for 2019. We want it to be the most professional work of the fan club, so we decided to work more on it and bring it to you next year in a real professional way.

You know that we love TOPs and Vlog videos so we will bring it more of them soon. Our next video will be ready next week. Don’t forget that we promised to you the second part of the most underrated singles of Diana. This will be a video that will include songs only from the RCA years. More unreleased songs are coming to the channel and 2018 mixes from classic tracks. We have found more stuff from the Rotterdam concert so we’re going to upload a updated version of that concert.

I’m sure that you have seen on our website a section dedicated to the Diana Ross Fan Club Magazine. We have some troubles with it, but we gonna bring it to you on September! Be ready! You will love it!

Check out the current tour dates of Ms.Ross, but don’t worry, if you are not able to go, we’re gonna share each show with you through our YouTube channel!

You might be thinking “What about The Diana Ross Show? What is it?” Well, that is a project that will be ready for 2020…but it’s suprise for all the fans! You have to wait!

There’s one more thing, we have in mind to remasterize and restorize on our own the old specials and concerts of Diana, considering that no company will do so at the moment. What would you like to be the first video in be restorize? Let us know in the comments!

And remember, if you have any question about Diana please send us an email: dianarossofficialfanclub@gmail.com


-Ian. Fan Club manager.


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