I´m in progress…

I´m in progress…with 2016 Projects and new ideas for the web, You Tube Channel and Facebook Page. To start, I´m making public of the shows and concerts that I have got of Diana Ross and The Supremes! I´ve published “Diana!” (1971), “Diana Ross Live at The Royal Variety Performance” (1991), “G.I.T. On Broadway” (1969) and I have to publish many more shows and concerts like “An Evening With Diana Ross” (1977), “Diana Ross & The Supremes Live In Stockholm” (1968), “Diana Ross Live In Rotterdam” (1994), “Diana Ross Live In Tokyo” (1992), “Diana Ross Live In Tokyo” (1977), etc.

I´m working also in the new section called “Diana Ross´ Chronology” tha t will be ready in the coming days! It will be include photos and videos! The Movie Collection is soon,so, I´m working on it too!

I must to update the “Concerts & Tours” section! I promise I´m going to do that soon!

Thanks for wait! Ian!

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