NEWS ABOUT: “Supremes `Discography Complete´ Projet”

“The Supremes `Discography Complete´ Projet”: 

The shooting of videos begin on 13 May 2016 and the project will be published on 4 March 2017. This will consist of 27 episodes being broadcast On Saturday.
In the same will be included LPs, CDs and DVDs (reason why it is also called “Reviews of CDs, DVDs & LPs). Each video will include accurate information about each album and in this case the characteristics will be narrated by Ian Scarlet. The videos last between 1 and 3 minutes. This new video series will take place during the third anniversary of the club of fans. They will have a better quality video and audio. this series will have a special appearance of Mini LPs (CDs).


One thought on “NEWS ABOUT: “Supremes `Discography Complete´ Projet”

  1. I am excited to learn of this new Diana Ross and the Supremes video production project from the highly gifted Ian Scarlet…publishing valuable and accurate information about the recordings of our legendary Ross is a great contribution to music history by one of her most loyal fans…as the founder and leader of the Diana Ross Official Fan Club, Ian works tirelessly to create respect and love for Diana Ross/Supremes and their music through many activities and postings…I look forward to viewing your Supremes Complete Discography Project videos, Ian!…and thanks for sharing your creative works!

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