Diana Ross & The Supremes: My Opinion

In The past days, I listened to some persons said that I be a fan of Mary Wilson and not be a fan of Diana Ross. I want to tell something to these persons: I’m a fan of Diana Ross & The Supremes and I like some songs of Mary Wilson, so, What is The problem? The two singers are good! And you want to I say something more: I prefer the career of Diana Ross with The Supremes!!! And another thing, I hate (don’t like) that The LGBT people has got “I’m Coming Out” like an Icon, because all The persona like “I’m Coming Out” is considerate an LGBT person and it’s wrong, very wrong!!! Salutes!!!


One thought on “Diana Ross & The Supremes: My Opinion

  1. Why should you hate the fact that LGBT people look upon “I’m Coming Out” as a gay anthem? The lyrics can and do very much apply to the lives of LGBT people. Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the writers of “I”m Coming Out”, have both publicly stated that their inspiration for writing this song came about after they had both seen a few drag queens dressed up as Diana Ross outside a gay club in New York called GG Barnum. Although Miss Ross has revealed that when she was recording “I’m Coming Out”, she did not interpret the lyrics the same way Rodgers and Edwards had written them. Instead, she took a personal approach and related to the lyrics with the events that were going on in her life at the time. (Miss Ross saw “I’m Coming Out” as a song about how she was “coming out of her own shell” by breaking away from Motown and Berry Gordy and becoming more independent.) However, she has never stated that she had any qualms of the song being viewed as a gay anthem. Even at her concerts, Miss Ross has since dedicated “I’m Coming Out” to many of her gay fans in the audience on numerous occasions. Now, since the facts are…. 1) the song was written by Edwards and Rogers who have admitted that their lyrics were indeed inspired with an LGBT theme 2) Miss Ross who had made the song famous also is well aware of how this song is revered among her LGBT fans 3) And apparently, Miss Ross has no problem with it being considered as a gay anthem….. Then why should you have a problem with that? So, if I may correct you? It is NOT wrong for LGBT folks to consider “I’m Coming Out” as an unofficial gay anthem. After all, they do have a right to do so, not to mention that it had been written with such intentions. However, it is TOTALLY WRONG of you to HATE them for doing so. I mean, really, who are you to say how others can or can’t interpret this song the way that relates to them?

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