Coming soon “Upside Down” the first single from “Forever Diana”

It will soon be available on the website the first single from the entire career of Ian Scarlet, “Upside Down” one of the 20 songs that comprise the album “Forever Diana”, the first of his career too.

Forver Diana!

  • The album includes the next songs:
  1. “Forever Diana” (Ian Scarlet)
  2. “I´m Sorry (I´m In The World)” (Ian Scarlet)
  3. “You” (Ian Scarlet)
  4. “First Time” (Ian Scarlet)
  5. “Don´t Cry For Me” (Ian Scarlet)
  6. “Touch Your Body” (Ian Scarlet)
  7. The Supremes Medley: “Where Did Our Love Go”/”Baby Love”/”Stop! In The Name Of Love”/”Come See About Me”/”My World Is Empty Without”/”You Can´t Hurry Love” (Diana Ross & The Supremes)
  8. “Ain´No Mountain High Enough” (Diana Ross)
  9. “How To Live Alone” (Evan Ross)
  10. “The Boss” (Diana Ross)
  11. “Upside Down” (Diana Ross)
  12. “Touch Me In The Morning” (Diana Ross)
  13. “Reach Out And Touch” (Somebody´s Hand)
  14. “I Need A Friend In This World” (Ian Scarlet)
  15. “Hat Hidden Behind You” (Ian Scarlet)
  16. “English Music (In My Heart)” (Ian Scarlet)
  17. “Poor Fool Who Walks Alone” (Ian Scarlet)
  18. “Heaven Sings With You” (Ian Scarlet)
  19. “Love Storm” (Ian Scarlet)
  20. “The Kettle Over The Fire” (Ian Scarlet)

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