Diana Ross Is NOT a GAY icon!!!

Diana Ross is NOT a GAY icon. Any artist mustn´t be a gay icon, because then anyone who likes this artist is considered gay and this is NOT so. Any artist can be liked by anyone, whatever gay or not. I’m not discover homosexuality,  but I just want that the criteria are well separate. We, the heterosexuals can like DIANA ROSS. Thank You.

-Ian Scarlet

One thought on “Diana Ross Is NOT a GAY icon!!!

  1. You know what, I hate to say this…. but you are really stupid! A gay icon does not mean that heterosexuals can’t idolize them, as well. Do you even know what you’re talking about? I’m a big fan of Diana Ross. That is why I signed up for this fan club. But the more I read the stupid things that you write on here over and over again…. I probably should not waste my time with this website. I am sure most of Diana Ross’ fans would also feel the same way about you. Get some brains, man!

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